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I officially started in water sports around 2010 with the site dieseldokter.nl without the "DE" in front of it, this site is called "Dedieseldokter.nl" and is a continuation of my first site dieseldokter.nl which, due to the great success, has increased the number of increasing visitors grew unfortunately could not always cope. To ensure that the concept of a diesel doctor continues to exist with helping water sports enthusiasts with a marine diesel, I have created a new site in a software that is perpetuated in the future.

Who am I

My name is Fer Clerc and I was educated at the shipping school, among other things, and I worked for a number of years as a marine diesel mechanic where I encountered the most diverse challenges. By working in a workshop but also on location where not everything is always available, you automatically become creative and innovative in the technical field. From overhauls of complete engines and gearboxes where no dirt may get in to the alignment of the propulsion system or simply replacing oil and filters, which is also very important for the preservation of a marine diesel. Besides this work I am also active on various forums where I can mainly be found in the motorcycles corner of the forum.


Online store

The webshop in this site is in my opinion a logical consequence to help people with good but price-friendly filters and engine parts. To give an example, a Volvo Penta fuel filter for an MD11 costs 30.01 euros at Volvo Penta (Volvo Penta Part 876554) while the same filter costs half in my webshop. Filters in the webshop are from renowned brands such as Mann and Bosch. In addition to separate filters, I also have service sets for most motorcycles, this service set contains a fuel filter, oil filter and impeller at a very competitive price. If you are looking for a product that is not on the site or if you are not sure which product is suitable for your marine diesel, you can always email me.

My mission

My mission is to help everyone with their technical challenge. Because if you are a boat owner, you often automatically get a bit of technical maintenance for you. There is also nothing more fun than being able to maintain your boat yourself or in the winter time. Knowledge is in the current time to be shared via social media, everything is spread in no time. And keeping knowledge inside is lost knowledge and hence the large amount of information on the site

I also think that everyone can use my knowledge to realize his or her project!

With kind regards,

Ferr Clerc


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